Agnese Menguzzato 'Scusa'

Flag Design for the artwork cover of Agnese Menguzzato's EP 'Scusa' released on Verlag.

An ode to gentleness. The glasses on my serving tray fall to the ground; they scatter in shards of stalagmites like frozen tears cascading in slow motion, sinking into glacial depths. ‘Scusa’ materializes in the hollow of my throat, it is pushed forth outward to the world and into the clutches of an otherwise languid, now open-mouthed customer, their eyes wide and shaken by the drama. Sensational. I say that I am sorry but I am not. After years of moving through the world in a “sorrier, more apologetic way” and of working in service to others, the release of SCUSA offers catharsis and healing for Menguzzato. A quiet liberation, a reckoning. Agnese Menguzzato is an Italian composer and musician based in Berlin. Trained in both violin and the renaissance lute, she then studied sound engineering in Napoli. Drawing on historical and contemporary technologies, Menguzzato’s practice intertwines past and current techniques to explore the sonic prospects of the present, often employing the auditory potential of the lute. Menguzzato’s musical expression is deeply rooted in her childhood imagery and in confrontation with nature, from which every human sentiment flows. Having lived between Trentino Alps and Emilia-Romagna Apennines, she’s driven towards the construction of emotive soundscapes gathered from the material and digital worlds. Engaging in various musical constellations, Menguzzato has collaborated and performed with musicians such as Sara Persico, FRANKIE, and Soho Rezanejad.

Music by Agnese Menguzzato Flag Design by Diane Esnault Artwork by Kate Chen Mastering by Emme Moises Text by Abby Beatrice Quick Photo by Hannah Brandes Creative direction and production by Simone Antonioni, Agnese Menguzzato

Berlin, December 2023, Patchwork + Inlay, 100x150cm

Agnese Scusa Cover
agnese woods-color2